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Cost of Service

Payment Information

  • Payments are due by the 10th of each month.
  • A 10% Penalty will be added if not paid by the 20th.
  • Accounts with unpaid balances are subject to disconnect at any time.
  • If service is discontinued for non-payment of bill, a fee of $60.00 will be charged for restoration of gas service.


  • $50.00 Owner of House
  • $100.00 Owner of Mobile Home
  • $100.00 Rental Property*
    * Subject to change if property is considered high risk*
  • $200.00 Minimum Owner of Business

Minimum Fees

  • Residential $11.00 + tax each month
  • Commercial $15.00 + tax

Reconnect Fee

  • $60.00

Collection Fee

  • $15.00

New Service

  • Please print the New Service Application form, complete it and bring it to our business office in person to setup gas service.